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There is no true guide to convert your normal street shoe size to UK dance shoe size.
Please view our SHOE SIZING HELP page
for a better description of shoes and how to find the right brand and size.

We HIGHLY recommend sending a tracing of your feet to help determine your UK shoe size.
This will also assist us in determining your individual needs and shoe style.

Please include length & width measurement in inches if sending by FAX or PDF file,
so we can check for any distortion.
Don't forget to indicate style preference and if you would like a tight or "growing room" fit.

Shoe Return Policy


James Senior
Jig Shoes

by St Andrew's Shoemakers (James Senior).
Sizes 1-9. Whole sizes only

Made on right and left lasts with heel counters and bronze heel jingles that are screwed into metal plates. Available in red or kelly green. When ordering please be sure to specify if you wish "kelly" or "dark" green. Dark green is no longer available, but we do have a few pairs on hand..



NOTE: This style is being discontinued. Sizes left in stock
12, 13, 13.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 4.5, 7, 8

This economic dance shoe is perfect for the beginner dancer! Shoes are made from soft black leather and have black stitching. white eyelets including extra eyelet by the ankle for a secure fit, and white chrome soles. The toe vamp is slightly longer (1/8") than other brands and is rounded which best suits dancers with a rounded or slightly angled toe line with normal to long toes. Shoes tend to stretch a bit more than other brands so be sure to get a tight fit.
Recommended for those with slightly angled or rounded toe line, average-wide width feet, normal to long toes. Suggest ordering 1/2 size smaller than Gandolfi or 1 size smaller than James Senior Strathspey.
(Note: These are not a high quality dance shoe and may not last like other brands.)



Sizes infant 7 - adult 13 including half sizes for infant through adult.

Shoes are made of high quality black leather with black stitching, black eyelets, and white chrome soles. They have a more pointed toe line than other brands and seem to fit dancers with an angled toe line the best. Suitable for dancers with average to wide foot width.


James Senior

by St Andrew's Shoemakers (James Senior). Sizes adult 2 - 13.

Perfect for country dancers and those with wide feet. Shoes have all black leather uppers, black stitching, black eyelets including extra eyelet by ankle, and black chrome soles. There is no seam down the toe vamp like other brands, and are very popular with male dancers. Country dancers seem to prefer this brand due to being made with right & left feet instead of on a straight last and seem to be more comfortable for dancers when standing during sets. Shoes are now made with built in shock absorber.

Only Black are kept in stock, but we can special order red, royal blue, green or white. A 50% non-refundable deposit required for all custom orders.


James Senior

by St Andrew's Shoemakers (James Senior) Whole sizes in Infant 10 to 12. Whole and half sizes in Child's 13 to Adult 10.

Shoes are made of black leather with red stitching, red eyelets, white chrome soles. There is an extra eyelet by the ankle and have a bit shorter heel v.amp. These shoes are made with more of a rounded toe line and suit dancers with a rounded toe line the best. Shoes are now made with built in shock absorber.


Dancewear Shoes

by Dancewear of Edinburgh Available in whole sizes in Infant 10 to 13. Whole and half sizes in Adult 1 to Adult 8.

Straight lasted black leather shoes with red stitching, red eyelets, white chrome soles, and are made with a shallow line along ankle to help provide a better point. Very similar to Strathspey shoes but made of a softer leather. These also have an extra eyelet by the ankle and shorter heel vamp . Recommended for dancers with a narrower to normal width foot.

Size 10 - 1.5

Sizes 2 - 5.5

Sizes 6 and up

James Senior
Highland Fling

by St Andrew's Shoemakers (James Senior) Available in sizes Child 13 - Adult 7 including 1/2 sizes.

This shoe combines the look of the Strathspey and Highlander shoe styles. Made on a straight last with rounded toe line, white chrome leather soles, white stitching with white eyelets including extra eyelet by the ankle for a secure fit like Strathspeys. There is no front toe loop like Highlanders which gives the dancer's foot an attractive open look. Recommended for those with angled or rounded toe line, narrow-average width feet.
Shoe sizing runs the same as Strathspey & Cameron. Shoes are now made with built in shock absorber.


James Senior

by St Andrew's Shoemakers (James Senior) Available in sizes 1.5 - 8 including half sizes.

This new style of shoe is to replace the Cameron which has been discontinued. Black leather shoes with black eyelets including extra eyelet by ankle, and white leather chrome soles. Shoes have an angled toe line and are perfect for dancers with narrow feet. Shoes are now made with built in shock absorber.






Shoes may be returned for a refund or exchange within 10 days as long as they have not been worn or soiled. If you are unable to meet the 10 day deadline, simply request an extension.

Soiled or worn items cannot be returned unless defective.

Please make sure your teacher inspects shoes for correct sizing.

A minimum postage charge of $3.50/airmail or $6.00/priority is required for exchanges. Be sure to specify which method to ship. If not specified, exchanges will be shipped priority mail.

Please make sure that shoes are returned in the same condition as received.

Shoes should be returned in their plastic bag with laces folded and placed together in the toe of one shoe, or wrapped inside shoe as when received.

The following charges will be added for improper returns.
Plastic shoe bag missing: $1.00



Jig Shoe Bags

Just in time for Christmas!
Look at these adorable jig shoe bags with drawstring top.
Choose from red or green


Knee-hi Socks

Support Knee-Hi Socks - White or Black
Special ribbed blend of Nylon and Lycra spandex give firm support without binding. Machine washable. Shrink-resistant. Perfect for practicing and especially for workshops. One size fits 9-11.


I Love to Dance
Knee-hi Socks

80% Nylon/20% Lycra
White tube socks red & black lettering.
Available in Jr size 7-9 or Adult 9-11


Aleenes Leather and Suede Glue

Perfect for your dance shoes. 4oz
Glue will permanently bond leather to leather. It dries clear and is flexible.


Black Elastic

1/4' black elastic for your dance shoes or other projects.
Sold in 4 yard sections.



64" in length.
Available in black, red, and dark or emerald green.





Ghillie Brogue Laces

Black brogue laces with tassels.


Brogue Tassels

Replacement set of 4 brogue tassels



Tartan Kilt Hose

Made by Kilkeel
Made to your measurements in the tartan of your choice.
Choose from whole or split diamond in Fully Fashioned (with seam).
Please allow 6-9 weeks for delivery.
Seam Free hose are no longer available.
Measurement, Style, and Order information.

View In-stock Kilt Hose on Sale

Whole & Split Diamond:

White Piper Kilt Hose

White ribbed kilt hose with popcorn cuff.
88% Acrylic, 10% Nylon and 2% Spandex. Machine wash cold water.
Available in sizes Small (5-8), Medium (9-11), Large (11-13), or XLarge (13.5-14.5 US)


Cable Pattern Hose

Made in Scotland from 80% wool and 20% nylon. Stocked in white, off-white or Navy Blue. Specify US Shoe Size.


Cable Pattern Hose

Our children's hose are made in Scotland from 80% wool and 20% nylon. Available in off-white only.
Child Small (Size 10 - 13)
Medium (Size 1-4)
Large (Size 4 - 7)
Now available in Infant size 3-7


Baby/Toddler Kilt Hose:

Off-white synthetic/wool mix kilt hose for babies and toddlers.
Available in sizes:
0-6 months- measures 4 1/2" long with 1" cuff.
Foot measures 3". Fits baby shoe size zero to two

6-24 month- measures 10" in length with 3" cuff. Shorten cuff to extend length.
Foot measures 4 1/2" and stretches to 6" Fit baby shoe size two to seven




Adjustable elastic top. Available in red, navy blue, muted blue, royal blue, black, or green. Adult size.



Adjustable elastic top. Available in red, blue, or green. Child size.


Adult Garters

Hold your kilt hose up with this set of 1" white elastic garters with adjustable brackets


Kilt Hose Garters -
Youth Size

We now offer white elastic garters with adjustable brackets in child sizes.
Same as our adult elastic garters except these are 3/4" wide instead of 1".



Imitation Sgian Dubh

Imitation Sgian Dubh is 7 1/4" long. Looks like authenic Sgian Dubh, but does not open or have a blade. Perfect for children, young adults, and traveling.


Stone Top
Sgian Dubhs

Imitation top stone with Rhodium mounts.

with crest